EPDiy is a driver board for e-Paper (or E-ink) displays.

Display Types

The EPDiy driver board targets multiple E-Paper displays. As the driving method for all matrix-based E-ink displays seems to be more or less the same, only the right connector and timings are needed. A table of supported displays is mainained in the README.md file.

Some of the supported displays are showcased below.


The ED097OC4 was the original target of this project. It is an 9.7 inch screen, with a resolution of 1200 * 825 pixels (150dpi). It is fairly available on Ebay and AliExpress, for around 30$ to 35$. There is also a lower contrast version (ED097OC1) which also works.



This is a 6 inch display, with a 800 * 600 resolution. With 150dpi as well, it has about half the total display area of the ED097OC4. To connect this display, the 39-pin connector on the back has to be populated. It is also the display a lot of experimentation was done with (see Thanks To), so there are alternative controllers available. Besides the obvious difference in size, this display is cheaper (~20$) and also refreshes slightly faster than the ED097OC4.



Information on this display should be taken with a grain of salt. One of the displays I ordered as ED097OC4 came as ED097TC2, and upon testing it also exhibited noticably better contrast and a more responsive electro-phoretic medium. The ribbon connector looked like a ED097TC2 as well, or like the 9.7 inch screens offered by Waveshare <https://www.waveshare.com/9.7inch-e-Paper.htm> (which is sold for a lot more). If you are on the lookout for such a display keep in mind the authenticity of my sample is disputable and resolution and connector type should be double-checked.